Transform Me Training 2015

Transform Me Training 2015

TMT was a 12 week intensive body transformation challenge run by Stephen Dale at Good Health and Fitness. With over 40 applicants, 12 contestants were selected to take part in this year’s challenge.

From Week 4 onwards, the contestant who had lost the least percentage of body weight were evicted from the challenge, leaving 3 contestants in the final in week 12.

This year we enrolled a local Dietician, Pilates and Yoga instructor  – this, along with assistance from our existing trainers, set the contestants up for their challenging journey.

If you would like to be a part of TMT 2016 starting on the 4th January 2016 then get in touch.

The Contestants & The Campaign

The Contestants

Take a look below at the contestant’s ‘Before & After’ shots, with some vital statistics showing what they achieved.

You can find out more about how they found the challenge on our Blog.

The Campaign

2015 is the first year we’ve worked with a charity, and we felt the Frank Kopel Dementia Awareness Campaign was a great one to start with.

In total, through various types of fundraising including quiz nights and movie nights, the contestants raised a total of over £4,100 for the campaign!

To find out more about the campaign read our Blog or follow them on their Facebook page.

Lynn (1st Place):

Lynn Before & After

Karen (2nd Place):

Karen Before & After

Rachael (3rd Place):

Rachael Before & After

You can see all 12 ‘before & afters’ on our Facebook page in the TMT 2015 folder.

The contestants have continued to train at Good Health and Fitness since the 12-week challenge ended, and are still achieving their goals and building on their success.

The Contestants & The Campaign

Videos of TMT 2015

Make Your Transformation Today!

Make Your Transformation Today!

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